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savage sound system
you are what you beat

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The Savage Sound System began, both sonically and biologically, in a handful of rented rooms on the East Coast of Scotland. After buying their inspiration second-hand, they frequently found themselves, without prior notice, recording surprisingly tasteful noises. These are systematically projected into the void via this very site. Historical Notes: From an early age this gaggle of muddles and misfits had an itch. Saturday mornings once a month tuning in to the Indie chart on ITV's Chart Show; Thursdays with Steve and Jo's evening sesh; Peel when the babysitter went out for a smoke. Like a creased brow at Pollock thinking: 'I can do that', they scratched incessantly at whatever medium came to hand. Thankfully they kept scratching.
Tracking down misfit sounds, and humming a half remembered chorus, the System are undercover agents of their own demise. Upstanding citizens of a society reveling in free-fall they are blissfully unaware of their own importance. In an echo chamber of official propaganda designed to conceal, they play. 

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