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this is what the savage sound system is all about...

savage sound system releases:

2014 - shan times
2012 - liars and thieves will have it all
2011 - like stink on a monkey
2009 - nothing here works but your works
2008 - living in a hollowed out asteroid, paranoid
2007 - compromise is not forgiven
2007 - let's get down to brass tacks

savage sound system remixes and collaborations:

ShilohZen - Savage and the Zen
The Riddlah - Certified SOS
Werd - Untitled Scot: The Remix Pack
Sacre Noir - She Can't Take It: The Remixes
Quidgybopper - Colossus / Void EP
Werd - Untitled Scot
Sacre Noir - Sinking Into Darkness
Dog's Got A Bone - The Album
Red Rum - The Masks EP
Werd & Wardie Burns - Vagabonds
Sacre Noir - Her Volatile Condition The Remixes
Sacre Noir - Her Volatile Condition
D.Soul the Soulsamurai - the savage recordings of...
Werd - Remixtape Vol. 2
You Already Know - Limited Edition Tour CD
Werd - Project Auld Reekie
Werd - Unreleased
savage sound system podcast - a dejine mash
Werd - The Scottish Rapper Mixtape
D.Soul the Soulsamurai - Loop Based Life Form
I Vs. Nature - 1st
Asthmatic Astronaut - For Sure Remixes
Zerofeedback DVD - Vol. 01
The !S.A.D! - Home
Dejine:rec Compilation Volume 1